New Board of Honduran National Congress Sworn In

President of the Honduran National Congress, Mauricio Oliva, on Thursday swore in members of the new board of Congress for the period of 2016 through 2018.

On December 17, 2015, by a majority of 65 votes, the National Congress approved a motion by congressperson David Chavez Madison, to elect the new board of the state power for the next two years.

Honduran National Congress

The Honduran National Congress Board is Sworn In

As established in the Organic Law of the National Congress, the president of the legislative chamber is elected for a term of four years, but every two years, an election is held for the other executives.

Elected and sworn in were First Vice President Gladys Aurora López Calderón and Vice Presidents Antonio Rivera Callejas, Milton Puerto Oseguera, Miguel Edgardo Martínez Pineda, Rolando Dubón Bueso, Augusto Cruz Asensio and Edwin Pavón León.

Alternate Vice Presidents were Mario Alonso Pérez López and Román Villeda Aguilar.

Elected Secretaries were Mario Alonso Pérez López and Román Villeda Aguilar, with Alternate Secretaries being José María Martínez and Wilmer Neal Velásquez.

The final count reflected that 65 congresspeople voted for the motion, 53 legislators were against it, and there was one abstention.

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