New Honduras Ambassador to Chile

The new Ambassador of Honduras in Chile, businesswoman Maria del Carmen Nasser, was sworn in yesterday by Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati.

Ms. Nasser said that in addition to “strengthening relations” with Chile, among her objectives is “to raise levels of exports and imports between the two countries” and to make the most of the free trade that we have had since 2008.

She will also seek to “promote and strengthen a lot of cooperation” in education and other areas, that “Chile has always provided, and we need to encourage.”

“We have to look to the future, and if Chile gives us the opportunity, to continue our mission there. Our diplomatic representatives will take that opportunity and build forward,” said Nasser.

In addition to other business activities, the new ambassador was director of the Department of International Agencies for the Terra Group, headed by her brother Fredy Nasser. She has investments in the energy sector of Honduras and other Central American countries.

According Minister Canahuati, all that remains is Mexico’s approval of the proposed ambassador.

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