Brazilian Cooperation Agency to Open Honduran Markets

Brazilian Cooperation Agency to Open Honduran Markets

Officials from the Honduras Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), met with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, headed by Director Marco Farani, to formalize technical cooperation projects between the two governments. Undersecretary for Livestock, Juan Carlos Ordóñez, said that among the projects to be promoted with Brazil is the mango and avocado production, but it also […]

President Lobo Visits Argentina

This past weekend, President Lobo attended the inauguration ceremony of Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner. This is Fernandez Kirchner’s second term as President for the South American Nation. She celebrated the occasion with other Presidents from various countries who had been invited to the event. President Lobo took advantage of the opportunity to meet with […]

No Invitation for President Lobo

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa is the only head of state from Latin America who was not invited to the inauguration of Brazil’s president-elect, Ms. Dilma Rousseff. 47 other heads of state in the region will be attending. The official reason for the exclusion is that Brazil does not recognize him as the “legitimate president”. A […]

Lula May Support Honduras Returning to OAS

The Brazilian government considers it would be “significant” for Honduras to return to the Organization of American States (OAS), and would welcome concrete measures towards reconciliation, said the Brazilian presidential spokesman, Marcelo Baumbach. “President (Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva) does not want to endure a situation of a breakdown of dialogue with the Honduran government….he […]

Brazil Confirms Disagreement

For Brazil, the Honduran presidential election scheduled for Sunday will not be recognized if deposed Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya is not reinstated in office. However, the US President Barack Obama administration believes “elections are a good starting point” to overcome the crisis and will be sending independent observers to monitor the event. “There is […]