Medal from Cuba for ex-Ambassador

Former Ambassador to Cuba from the government of Manuel Zelaya, received the “Friendship Medal” from that country; a distinction awarded by the Cuban Council of State. Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, presented the award. The ceremony was held at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the former Honduran diplomat, Juan Ramon Elvir Salgado, […]

Fidel Castro’s Opinion of Summit

Zelaya and Obama at Summit “The Secret Summit” Neither represented nor excommunicated, only today could I learn what was discussed at the Summit of Port of Spain. They led us all to entertain hopes that the meeting would not be secret, but those running the show deprived us of such an interesting intellectual exercise. We […]

Zelaya Meets with Castro

President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales met on Wednesday with his Cuban counterpart, President Raul Castro. Zelaya was on a working visit in Cuba participating in the 11th International Encounter of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems that is underway in Havana. During this working meeting on Wednesday afternoon, both leaders analyzed the state of bilateral […]