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Congressman Fights for Honduran Consumers

Congressman Sergio Castellanos has presented a motion before the Honduran National Congress to expedite the implementation of telephone number portability. The National Commission for Telecommunications (CONATEL) announced that it would not be until the end of the year before they would be able to emplement phone number portability, despite the legislative decree established at the […]

President Bans Cell Phones

President Lobo yesterday banned cell phone usage during the weekly two-hour meeting he holds with his Cabinet ministers. Enduring repeated interference from various noises emanating from the Minister’s cell phones while attempting to discuss important events, the President emphatically denounced their usage. He stated it is simply, a “lack of courtesy” to have them on […]

Digicel Sells Out Honduras Telecom

Denis O’Brien’s mobile phone company Digicel has sold its businesses in Honduras and El Salvador to the world’s richest man, Carlo Slim. Slim’s company America Movil is understood to have paid a “significant consideration” to the Irish telecom entrepreneur’s company. The deal will also see Digicel take control the America Movil’s Jamaican mobile phone business, […]

Good News for Honduran Cell Phone Users

Claro has made it possible to send minutes to relatives and friends worldwide, including Honduras. All Claro mobile operator networks are now connected to the MoreMagic Solutions International Recharge Hub. This means that by going online to any of thousands of independent retail stores, a customer can purchase minutes for a Claro mobile phone. You […]