Tegucigalpa Hospital Without Oxygen

School Hospital officials reported that their suppliers have again suspended oxygen service to the medical center because of the accumulated debt it has with the provider. Oscar Salgado, managing Director of the hospital, said that “oxygen service has stopped for two days at the central level, and that the service is important because we need […]

US District Judge Upholds Fees

Central Americans suing the United States will not be receiving refunds, thanks to the new United States Congress. Federal Judge Thelton Henderson in San Francisco had been considering refunds for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, who were charged extra fees for years to stay in the United States, but Congress and President Obama changed […]

Congress Becomes Technically Savvy

National Congress President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, announced that tomorrow,Tuesday, the first test for audio and video broadcasting of what is happening in Congress will take place. If all goes well, the proceedings should be able to be observed in real-time online, allowing the press and everyone else access to the National Congress session from anywhere […]