constituent assembly

President Lobo to Hear Views on National Constituent Assembly

President Porfirio Lobo, has invited members of the National Resistance Front, the Civic Democratic Union (UDC), the Liberal Resistance, and Catholic and Evangelical church representatives to a dialogue Monday at the Government House. The main topic will be convening the national constituent assembly. Notices were sent to Juan Barahona and Edgardo Casaña, leaders of the […]

May 1st – Labor Day Protest in Tegucigalpa

Thousands of people participated Saturday in a March on the International Day of Workers in Honduras, demanding a Constituent Assembly and the return of former President Manuel Zelaya. Waving mostly red and black flags, and chanting slogans, the demonstrators left the bustling National Pedagogica University (east of the capital) along the “Fuerzas Armadas” (Armed Forces) […]

The Front to Hold Gathering March 12-14th

The National Resistance Front has asked the public to take part in a “Gathering for the Re-foundation of Honduras”, which will take place in the city of La Esperanza, from March 12th to 14th. The National Resistance Front also said that a referendum on the need for a Constituent Assembly will take place on June […]