FNRP Declines Dialogue with President Lobo

The National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) [Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular] decided yesterday not to accept the invitation for a dialogue proposed by President Porfirio Lobo Sosa. A national assembly of the FNRP brought together representatives of 18 departments in the country. The FNRP does not recognize the Government of Lobo Sosa, and considers […]

The Front to Hold Gathering March 12-14th

The National Resistance Front has asked the public to take part in a “Gathering for the Re-foundation of Honduras”, which will take place in the city of La Esperanza, from March 12th to 14th. The National Resistance Front also said that a referendum on the need for a Constituent Assembly will take place on June […]

March in Tegucigalpa

Approximately 10,000 people marched from the capital’s main university heading to the presidential palace, but were diverted to parliament in the city center by soldiers, according to organizers of the event. Thursday’s protesters were calling for a constitutional reform, and denounced corruption and human rights abuses they believe to have taken place since Zelaya was […]