Honduras Against Legalizing Drugs

Honduran sectors on Monday expressed through the press their opposition to the proposed legalization of drugs made by Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina. The digital newspaper laprensa.hn recalled that, according to a report of the Ministry of Security, 66 percent of crimes and offenses committed in Honduras are the result of drug use and trafficking. […]

Honduras TSE Concerned With Drug Trafficking Influence

The Electoral Supreme Court (TSE) and members of the National Council for the Fight Against Narcotics Trafficking (CNLCN) have met to discuss Honduras’s image in relation to drug trafficking and politicians. The President of the TSE, Enrique Ortez, expressed his concern that drug trafficking and organized crime, if not suppressed, could interfere in Honduran politics. […]

Replies to NY Times Editor from Honduran Diplomats

Excerpt: Ms. Frank’s insinuations about the Honduran government’s illegitimacy are offensive to the 56.6 percent of Hondurans who voted for President Porfirio Lobo in the last election. More than 4,600 international and domestic observers closely supervised the electoral process. The other four Honduran political parties recognized President Lobo’s election, have been integrated into the sitting […]