Zelaya’s Letter to Obama (Spanish)

PRESIDENCIA DE LA REPUBLICA Del Escritorio de Señor Presidente Tegucigalpa, 14 de Noviembre de 2009 S. E. BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENTE EEUU Washington D. C. Estimado Presidente Obama: Cuando nos reunimos por primera vez el 8 de julio con la Secretaria de Estado Clinton después del Golpe de Estado se dejo claro ante mi y ante […]

Zelaya Disavows Any Agreements

“As the elected president of the Honduran people, I reaffirm my position that starting today, no matter what, I will not accept any agreement on returning to the presidency of the republic to cover up this coup d’etat,” Zelaya said, reading from the letter on Globo radio….Washington Post Article Here

Zelaya Followers Strategize Over Elections

Zelaya leadership has scheduled a series of activities to boycott the elections on November 29th, ranging from preventing Hondurans from going to the polls to the massive detrimental use of indelible ink. Running among their network is a series of emails in which leaders are instructed to take actions before, during and after the elections. […]

More Than 600 People Will Observe Elections

The president of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP), Amilcar Bulnes, reported that a week before general elections take place this November 29th, some 600 international observers from Northern, Central and South America will arrive in Honduras. They will come from the United Staes, Europe, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Central America. The former president […]