Happy Birthday President-Elect Lobo!

The elected president, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, celebrated his 62nd birthday today in San Pedro Sula. Porfirio Lobo said he was excited by the support he has received from the various departments of the country and the leadership of his party. Business leaders, nationalist politicians, and his family accompanied him. Among them were Ricardo Alvarez, reelected […]

Clinton Asked to Encourage Election Support

“Republican lawmakers who have criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the Honduran political crisis are calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to rally other U.S. allies in support of the Central American nation’s newly elected president”…”We strongly urge you to work with our democratic friends and allies in the region and around the world […]

OAS Meeting Concludes

“The Organization of American States (OAS) is not a tribunal to judge the elections of Honduras, on the contrary, Honduras must be supported in order to rebuild the democracy of their country,” said Guillermo Alberto Coches, the Panama Representative to the OAS. Coches believes the differing opinions of the representatives of the OAS, concerning the […]