Pepe Lobo’s Plans for the Future

A government of national unity and austerity is what the president-elect of the Republic, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, said he was committed to creating. The new president, who will take office on January 27, 2010, announced the creation of a government of austerity in which public officials may not use state vehicles, given the economic conditions […]

Washington Observers Statement

Statement on the National Elections in Honduras November 29, 2009 Washington Senior Observer Group At the invitation of the Union Civica Democratica and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the Washington Senior Observer Group traveled to Honduras to participate as international observers in the Honduran national elections of November 29, 2009. We joined over 600 observers […]

Siguatepeque Mayor Announced

The former commander of the Fire Department of Siguatepeque, Eduardo Oseguera, won by margin of 245 votes over Mayor Guillermo Martinez Suazo who was seeking reelection. Eduardo Oseguera will be Mayor, Olivia Pereira, Vice Mayor, and the Aldermen will consist of the Liberals Guillermo Martinez, Ruben Santos, Flor de Maria Batres, Lourdes Cruz, and the […]