Power Outage Throughout Honduras

A power outage knocked out electrical service from 3:30 p.m. to more than 90 percent of the country, affecting thousands of Hondurans today. National Electric Power Company (ENEE), Public Relations representative, Sandra Poncese said a transformer in northern Honduras shorted out, which caused the blackout. Some areas of San Pedro Sula have regained electricity, but […]

Hydroelectric Plant Planned for Chiligatoro and Manazapa Rivers

Clay Mahaffey is the CFA, and founder of Minerco Resources, Inc. Today, Venture Research LLC, released an initiation report on Minerco and their Honduras project. The CFA explained, “Minerco is developing clean energy projects in Honduras and has a portfolio of projects that are very high margin. Alternative energy is supported by the Honduran Government […]

Rixi Moncada and Aristides Mejia in Court Today

The initial court hearing began last Monday. The Prosecutor against Corruption alleged that Rixi Moncada and Aristides Mejia, both former officers of the ENEE, committed an abuse of authority and fraud by participating in the costly rental of the ENEE building, without offering it out for bid. Court was in recess until today, after an […]

Rixi Moncada Presents Herself to Court

The former manager of the state-owned National Electricity Company (ENEE) Rixi Moncada, unexpectedly appeared before Judge Mario Rios at the Court of Justice in Tegucigalpa. Moncada was the manager of the ENEE during the administration of Manuel Zelaya. She has an arrest warrant out in Honduras and internationally, for abuse of authority and fraud against […]

ENEE Sabotage in Yoro

The criminal action of unknown individuals kept most of the department of Yoro in the dark this weekend. In yet another sabotage to the National Electric and Energy Company [Nacional de Electrical Energia Company (ENEE)], two energy towers were demolished with axes. The two structures were of wood, due to the terrain where they were […]