Honduran Student Completes Dairy Goat Research at Fort Valley State

Honduran Student Completes Dairy Goat Research at Fort Valley State

While online seeking professors proficient in goat milk research, Karen Hernandez stumbled upon Dr. Young Park, an internationally recognized expert in dairy goat research at Fort Valley State University. After making contact by email, the Honduran student knew the institution would be a good place to gather data for her thesis before a December graduation. […]

Basic Grains Crops Looking Good

It is estimated that 500,000 farms in Honduras are devoted to basic grains. Basic grains are considered the most important to the social and economic life of Hondurans, as it represents twelve percent of the agricultural GDP and generates about 300,000 permanent jobs. The President of the Danlí Ranchers and Farmers Association, Mario Lobo, announced […]

Operation Xatruch II Discussed

Government officials, including the National Police and Armed Forces, gathered at the Presidential House to discuss the implementation of Operation Xatruch II, which is aimed at establishing stability in the Aguá area and disarming all residents. Honduran Security Minister Oscar Álvarez said he regretted the recent deaths of innocent civilians, and sympathized with those who […]

Sectoral Emergency for Dying Livestock

The government declared a “sectoral emergency” due to the death of thousands of cattle and announced a special program aimed at reviving the lost herds, as this is one of the most important parts of the agricultural economy. The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Jacobo Regalado, said the government is aware of the impact of […]