Worldwide Earth Day

PRESS RELEASE Agriculture: The Unlikely Earth Day Hero This Earth Day, Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet team recommends 15 ways that agriculture can address environmental challenges while also alleviating hunger, reducing malnutrition, and lifting people out of poverty. Washington, D.C. – Rising temperatures, erratic weather, population growth, and scarce water resources – along with growing […]

Honduras Exports to EU Rose 106%

According to the monthly report published by the Industry and Commerce Secretary [SIC], exports of Honduran pineapple registered, in December, more than 22 million lempiras, which meant a boom of more than 100%. This is the biggest growth in exports to the European Union over the last six months. In October, exports of pineapple had […]

Lower Aguán Conflict Possible Remedy

A proposal was made yesterday by Congressman German Leitzelar, who introduced a solution to alleviate some of the problems of the Lower Aguán area land disputes. The Congressman proposed that rural estates and farms seized from organized crime, mainly in Colon, should be handed over to the local farming communities. “Some goods, such as farms, […]