Trujillo Tourism Development Project Begins

Canadian “Porn King” Randy Jorgensen’s tourism “development” projects are stirring up conflict and destroying afro-descendant Garifuna communities in Trujillo on the north coast of Honduras Jorgensen, president of the Canadian pornographic video store chain Adults Only Video, through his real estate development company Life Vision Properties (based in Trujillo, Honduras), plans to convert a beautiful […]

Aurelio’s Honduran Pop

The first beats are simple wavering chords, setting a basic outline. A strong steel drum leads in the guitar, seducing hips into swaying. Aurelio Martinez gives his listener a few measures to settle into his Caribbean home before he begins his song’s story—a tale of a sailor returned from sea for the birth of a […]

Tribute to El Progresso Man Held in the USA

On Saturday, United States citizens will hear the vibrant rhythms and captivating sounds of the Garifuna culture in New York. “Sol Garifuna” led by the renowned music composer, Aurelio Martinez, will also include other musical groups such as Remolino, Shabakan, Yurumein Band, Juan Noralez and “El Cabo”. The performers will have four hours to delight […]