Drug Bust

Update: November 30, 2012 Check out the latest Honduras Drug Bust! Honduras Seizes Record 15 Tons of Drugs in Underground Hideout Honduran and U.S. authorities have seized at least 4.6 tons of cocaine on a boat in the Caribbean Sea and arrested six of the vessel’s crew members. Honduran Navy Comm. Juan Pablo Rodriguez says the […]

Free Trade Agreement with Mexico

Mexico has begun negotiations with several Central American countries to merge its three individual Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with them into a single one, Mexican Economy Minister Eduardo Sojo said Friday. Mexico will promote regional integration with Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which is expected to facilitate trade by harmonizing rules and […]

A Good Servant

During his May 23 visit to the Episcopal Church Center in New York City, Bishop Lloyd Allen of the Diocese of Honduras described a flourishing diocese that is teaching its congregants to be “independent.” “Since we established that we would do evangelism head-over-heels, it’s a new dawn in our diocese,” said Allen, president of Province […]