human rights

CODEH Head Accused of Libel

The Armed Forces of Honduras formalized yesterday afternoon, a denuncia presented to the Public Ministry against the head of CODEH, the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras, Andres Pavon. “This is a complaint against Andres Pavon for libel, slander and defamation against the Chief of State (General Romeo Vasquez) and against the armed forces,” said […]

Honduran ‘In Jail Too Long’ in Spain

High Court Judge Maureen Rajnauth-Lee has ordered that Honduras national Antonio Ramos be brought to the High Court Port of Spain today, following an application of continued unlawful detention. The application was filed Friday morning by Ramos’s attorneys Gerald Ramdeen and Mark Seepersad and lists the defendant as Commissioner of Prisons John Rougier. According to […]

Amnesty International to Visit

An Amnesty International delegation will be traveling to Honduras between November 24th and December 4th to assess the human rights situation in the context of the political crisis. The delegation plans to meet with a range of individuals including local human rights organizations, journalists, and prosecutors to discuss and document the state of human rights […]

Students Score a Win for Honduras

The anti-sweatshop movement at dozens of American universities, from Georgetown to U.C.L.A., has had plenty of idealism and energy, but not many victories. Until now. The often raucous student movement announced on Tuesday that it had achieved its biggest victory by far. Its pressure tactics persuaded one of the nation’s leading sportswear companies, Russell Athletic, […]