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University Stands Up for Honduran Workers

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Labor Licensing Policy Committee voted to recommend that Chancellor Biddy Martin start taking steps to end the university’s apparel contract with Nike, Inc. due to alleged labor rights abuses at two of the company’s factories. However, the committee’s vote — which came under the urging of the Student Labor Action Coalition […]

Zelaya’s Letter to Obama – Rough English Translation

Zelaya’s Letter to Obama – Rough English Translation

PRESIDENCY OF THE REPUBLIC From the Desk of Mr President Tegucigalpa, November 14, 2009 S. E. BARACK OBAMA U.S. PRESIDENT Washington D. C. Dear President Obama: When we met for the first time on July 8 with the Secretary of State Clinton after the coup was left clear to me and to the world the […]

Zelaya’s Letter to Obama (Spanish)

PRESIDENCIA DE LA REPUBLICA Del Escritorio de Señor Presidente Tegucigalpa, 14 de Noviembre de 2009 S. E. BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENTE EEUU Washington D. C. Estimado Presidente Obama: Cuando nos reunimos por primera vez el 8 de julio con la Secretaria de Estado Clinton después del Golpe de Estado se dejo claro ante mi y ante […]

US Democratic Rep. Visited Zelaya

The U.S. Rep. Janice Schakowsky said today that the Parliament of Honduras should “move quickly” to restore Manuel Zelaya to the presidency, and that there has been a “deterioration” of the human rights situation following him being “overthrown”. “Congress should move quickly to restore the president and the democratic order,” said Schakowsky, an Illinois congressman, […]