mara 18

Mara 18 Gang Members Captured

Four alleged members of the “Mara 18” were captured, and another killed, during a shootout with the preventive police in the evening hours on Saturday. The altercation, which lasted several minutes, took place in the La Planeta neighborhood of La Lima, Puerto Cortés. The dead alleged gang member could not be identified through forensics. He […]

Operation Lightning Brings in Mara 18 Fugitive

A dreaded fugitive from justice, and member of the &lquote;Mara 18&rquote; gang, Longin Eduardo Baca, alias “The Crime”, was captured yesterday by the National Police in a blitz operation taking place in the area of Comayagüela. Police also arrested eleven members of the “Maras”, including six children, for the crime of conspiracy. The detainees are […]