Government Checks Must be Deposited

Some paychecks this season, purportedly issued by the Government, will be rejected by tellers, warns the Executive Director the Honduran Association of Banking Institutions (Ahiba), María Lidia Soriano. The Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) has warned of forgeries; consequently, the national banks have determined that the funds allegedly issued from the government must be deposited […]

Banks Increased Capital in Honduras

Five commercial banks authorized to operate in Honduras increased their capital during 2010, according to a report by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH). According to the Commission of National Banking and Insurance (CNBS), the minimum capital required for each institution was 300 million lempiras. There are 17 private banks in Honduras. It is always good […]

New Currency for Honduras?

Central American presidents met in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula and ratified their determination to seek regional integration as the way to unite against the world economic crisis and move towards a common currency. The 33rd Summit of the Central American Integration System, or SICA, ended Friday with a joint press conference, at […]