Alfredo Landaverde Gunned Down

Alfredo Landaverde, a widely respected and outspoken former government adviser, was murdered in transit yesterday in the city of Tegucigalpa. His wife was seriously wounded, and transported to the hospital. Pompeyo Bonilla, the Security Minister, said that they are doing everything possible to investigate the cruel murder of Alfredo Landaverde, and the other events that […]

The Unicorn Found Not Guilty in David Meza Murder

According to the La Ceiba sentencing court judgment, the witnesses, documentary evidence, and experts were not enough to demonstrate that journalist David Meza was killed by Marcos Joel Álvarez Barahona. Marcos Álvarez, alias “The Unicorn” was acquitted of murder. The last session of the public trial, which began a week ago, ended at two o’clock […]

Brief Outline of Police Involvement in Double Murder

The spokesman of the Minister of Security, Silvio Inestroza, outlined yesterday what is believed to have happened during the almost inconceviable events surrounding the double murder of Rafael Castellanos and Carlos Pineda, two university students. The young men were on their way home from a party on Friday evening, when they did not stop at […]