USA Cancels More Visas

Five current government officials have had their visas to travel to the United States canceled. Luis Ortez, Secretary of Youth; Myrna Castro, Minister of Culture, Gabriela Nunez, Head of Finance, Javier Valladares, Presidential Administrator, and Soptravi Minister, Rosario Bonano all had their visas revoked. The government officials received the official documents from the U.S. Consulate. […]

Craig Kelly Leaves Honduras

The U.S. envoy to Honduras, Craig Kelly, reiterated today support for the elections of November 29th as part of the solution “to the crisis in Honduras”. “An important part of the solution to move forward are the Honduran elections,” said the Undersecretary of State who arrived in Tegucigalpa on Tuesday. “Nobody has the right to […]

US Daily Press Briefing on Honduras

QUESTION: On Honduras, Senator Kerry’s – one of his spokespersons recently said that when Thomas Shannon said that the U.S. would recognize the winner of the November 29th elections, even if Zelaya was not to be put back into power beforehand, that that was undermining the deal that had been reached? Can you respond to […]

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