Zelaya May Visit Honduras in May

Former President Manuel Zelaya will likely return to Honduras within a month, ending his exile nearly two years after the coup that ousted him, an aide and a key supporter said Wednesday. Conditions are right for Zelaya to return this month from the Dominican Republic after the Honduran Supreme Court dropped corruption charges against him, […]

Presidents Meet in Columbia

Presidents Meet in Columbia

On his return from Colombia, President Lobo held a press conference wherein he stated that there is an interest by Honduras’s Latin American counterparts to have the country return to the OAS. He said that the Colombian president continues to support Honduras in its efforts to normalize relations with all Latin American countries, and President […]

Nicaragua, Honduras and Hypocrisy

LAST YEAR, leftist Honduran President Manuel Zelaya sought to stage an illegal referendum as part of a bid to overturn a constitutional ban on his reelection. The country’s supreme court ordered his arrest by the army, which then overstepped legal bounds by deporting him. Led by its leftists, the Organization of American States rushed to […]

OAS Releases Honduras Report

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, fulfilling a mandate from the Ministers of Foreign Affairs gathered in Lima in June, presented to the General Assembly, through the Chair of the Permanent Council, Ambassador María Isabel Salvador, a report on the situation in Honduras. “The Commission considers it appropriate […]

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