OAS Meeting Concludes

“The Organization of American States (OAS) is not a tribunal to judge the elections of Honduras, on the contrary, Honduras must be supported in order to rebuild the democracy of their country,” said Guillermo Alberto Coches, the Panama Representative to the OAS. Coches believes the differing opinions of the representatives of the OAS, concerning the […]

OAS to Discuss Honduras Elections

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States Jose Miguel Insulza, said that on December 4th, the OAS Permanent Council in Washington will discuss the elections in Honduras that took place today. Insulza told reporters Sunday that the meeting, devoted exclusively to Honduras, will also consider the decision of the U.S. Congress on the […]

Zelaya Not Happy with OAS

Zelaya filed a protest with the Organization of American States about “contradictions” in Washington’s position on the coup and the elections. “I raise with you, in your character of OAS secretary-general, the formal complaints of my government and the Honduran people about … the manifest ambiguity and contradiction of the government of the United States […]

US Says No To Election Postponement

The United States rejected any interventionist measure to force Honduras to postpone the general elections of November 29th, as was requested by the Brazilian government. The Under Secretary for Political Affairs of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Vera Machado, asked her U.S. counterpart, William Burns, to support  pressuring the current government of Honduras to delay elections […]

Zelaya Writes to Americas’ Presidents

by Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of Honduras Honorable Presidents, Nations of America Dear Presidents, I write you in my role as President of Honduras, valuing the excellent relations between our countries and in defense of the democracy violated in Honduras as consequence of the Military Coup d’Etat perpetrated June 28 of this year, when soldiers […]