Honduran Congress Considers Armed Forces Initiative

Deputy (Congressperson) Mario Pérez, President of the Security Committee of the National Congress, presented an initiative that aims to allow the armed forces to carry out police functions during a 45 day extendable trial period. Pérez stated, “The military will do the work of the police over a time period of 45 days, which would […]

Special Police Unit Formed for LGBT Crimes

A special police unit has been formed which is dedicated to investigate crimes committed against members of Honduras’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) population. The Sexual Diversity Unit will be overseen by the DNIC. The unit will work closely with local LGBT-rights advocates and organizations. According to Oscar Aguilar, the Spokesman for the DINIC, “We […]

Honduras’s Fugitive Police Extorted Money

According to informants, the four police officers who went missing after being detained for the murders of two university students, were in the practice of extorting money from urban transportation drivers, taxi drivers, and even high school students. Several Honduran citizens have filed reports against the fugitive police officers, and the Ministry of Security spokesperson, […]