Top Officials Removed from Posts and Replaced

The Minister of Security, Pompeo Bonilla, the top ranking official of the Security Forces of Honduras, announced from the presidential house, changes to the police hierarchy. Officials, including the National Director of the Police, and the Chief of the Investigative Police, were removed from office. The changes are effective immediately. These changes were made after […]

Police Events Surrounding Double Murder of Students

Yesterday, a team of biologists and technicians from the DNIC performed visual inspections at the crime scene where on Saturday, October 22, 2011, the bodies of Rafael Castellanos (son of the Director of the UNAH, Julieta Castellanos), and his friend, Carlos Pineda were found. The dead bodies had been located on the edge of a […]

Police May Have Murdered University President’s Son

Julieta Castellanos, President of the Autonomous National University of Honduras (UNAH) has been a controversial figure over the past several years. From allowing the militarization of the university, to her role in the official truth commission, to the complicated union struggles within UNAH (among other things), the UNAH President has let her opinions be known. […]

Honduran Police Officers Accused of Crimes

At the request of the Office of Human Rights, three officers of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC) were arrested after illegally detaining two people, beating them, and stealing their belongings. The officers are members of the Rapid Response Unit and were identified by the Public Ministry spokesman, Elvis Guzman, as Denis Banegas, Rony […]