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USA Cancels More Visas

Five current government officials have had their visas to travel to the United States canceled. Luis Ortez, Secretary of Youth; Myrna Castro, Minister of Culture, Gabriela Nunez, Head of Finance, Javier Valladares, Presidential Administrator, and Soptravi Minister, Rosario Bonano all had their visas revoked. The government officials received the official documents from the U.S. Consulate. […]

Military Commanders to Appear in Court

The military commanders of the armed forces who are accused of abuse of power and having expatriated former President Manuel Zelaya from Honduras will appear before the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Jorge Rivera Aviles, on Thursday. The legal representative of the commanders, Juan Carlos Cantillano, said they were aware that the filed […]

Congress to Discuss Amnesty

The National Congress will meet today to discuss the general amnesty bill that seeks to end the political crisis and initiate a national reconciliation process. Members of a special committee addressing the issue announced that the project will be presented to Congress members at a meeting this afternoon, and probably be referred to an opinion […]

Micheletti Fears Assassination

Honduran interim leader Roberto Micheletti said on Friday that he might face assassination after he leaves office. A Venezuelan citizen has offered one million U.S. dollars to have him killed, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez might be behind this plot, Micheletti told a Honduran radio station. “Many of our officers, and of course my family, […]