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Oscar Arias Suggested Visa Removals

More confidential information related to Honduras has transcended through WikiLeaks files. The information details how the former president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias wanted to reinforce the failed attempts to get the San José Agreement signed, and suggested the visa removals to the United States for the former presidents of Honduras and four businessmen in […]

Court Accepts Appeal in Zelaya Matter

Judge Claudio Aguilar accepted an appeal brought by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) against its decision to refrain from taking cases brought by the prosecution against former President Manuel Zelaya. The spokesperson for the courts in Tegucigalpa, Barbara Castillo, said Judge Aguilar will transfer the case files to a Court of Appeals to make a […]

Zelaya Distraught – Pepe Indifferent Over Constituent Discussion

Former President Manuel Zelaya addressed a letter to the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) warning that the call from President Pepe Lobo for a dialogue with those wanting to convene a Constituent Assembly is a trick by the Government. In the document issued by Zelaya, it says that “FNRP colleagues, I received the news with […]

Charges Dropped for Zelaya

Honduran Judge Humberto Palacios has dropped abuse of power charges against ousted President Manuel Zelaya. But the order doesn’t affect other charges pending against the ex-leader. Judge Humberto Palacios says he dismissed two charges because of an amnesty approved by congress in January for Zelaya and all those involved in his removal from power. Palacios […]