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Roatan’s Wind Farm – Ocean View

Roatan’s Wind Farm – Ocean View

Roatan’s tourism industry is growing, increasing the demand for electricity along with it. This has been a challenge for the Roatan Electric Company (RECO) through the years, and a greener solution is underway. RECO has studied offering alternative power options in order to reduce Roatan’s reliance on fossil fuels, but was discouraged by the fact […]

ENEE Board Approves Renewable Energy Contracts

The Board of Directors of the National Enterprise of Electrical Energy (ENEE) has approved four contracts for renewable energy, according to representative Benjamín Bográn. The approved contracts are as follows: Renewable energy in the area of Aguán, which will generate 10 megawatts from biomass. One half megawatt renewable energy project in Copán Six megawatts of […]

Hydro-Electric Projects in Honduras Lacking Funds

Excerpts from Minerco Resources – MANAGEMENT’S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL CONDITION AND RESULTS OF OPERATIONS: “We currently have an interest in two Hydro-Electric Projects and one Wind Project in various parts of Honduras. Both of our Hydro-Electric projects are classified as run-of-the-river projects (not conventional retention dams). Our Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project is in the […]

Brazil’s Koblitz Planning Renewable Projects in Latin America

Areva Koblitz, the Brazilian renewable energy developer that focuses on biomass and hydroelectric plants, plans projects worth 584 million reais ($327.3 million) throughout Latin America following a decline in local power prices. The company is seeking to sign contracts to build facilities with 200 megawatts of installed capacity by 2016 in the region, Commercial Director […]