san pedro sula

Fire in San Pedro Sula

Firemen confirmed that a fire broke out in an abandoned warehouse in downtown San Pedro Sula, which caused great losses in the area. The fire spread to the Hotel San Pedro, the Barret Agency, and consumed a “STOP” store and a restaurant serving Chinese food, according to reports. Fire units from Choloma, La Lima, and […]

Mara 18 Gang Members Captured

Four alleged members of the “Mara 18” were captured, and another killed, during a shootout with the preventive police in the evening hours on Saturday. The altercation, which lasted several minutes, took place in the La Planeta neighborhood of La Lima, Puerto Cortés. The dead alleged gang member could not be identified through forensics. He […]

San Pedro Business Doing Well

Sampedrano businessman William Sabillón, is an exporter who sells “nostalgic” items from Honduras to the United States and some Caribbean countries. He is convinced that those so-called nostalgic products (cazabe, coconut bread, and spices among other things) could see an increase in exportation by as much as thirty (30) percent. Sabillón expects to open new […]

Airports Temporarily Closed in the A.M.

The airports of Toncontín in Tegucigalpa, Golosón in La Ceiba, and the airstrip in Roatán are temporarily closed this morning due to little visibility and drizzling rain caused by a high pressure front. San Pedro Sula‘s Ramón Villeda Morales, however, continues to operate international flights. Civil Aeronautics authorities explained that later in the morning the […]

Congress Bans Motorcycle Passengers

In closed session, Congress banned via Decree, Honduran citizens’ option to carry a second passenger on a motorcycle, in all cities of Honduras. The motion, requesting the adoption of the restriction, was presented yesterday by the Minister of Security, Pompeyo Bonilla. The measure, which becomes effective immediately, was adopted after the murders of a former […]