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Heavy Rains Expected for Three More Days

The authorities of the Permanent Contingency Commission, (Copeco), recommend that citizens evacuate the areas at risk, as the rainy weather will continue intensively over the next three days. A red alert is in effect, and the Honduras National Weather Service reported that areas where the rains will be more intense are the southeast, southwest and […]

Strikers Caused Road Delays

Strikers Caused Road Delays

Thousands of Honduran workers marched Wednesday in major Honduras cities to demand an increase in the minimum wage and show solidarity with teachers who want the government to pay more than $200 million in contributions to a pension and benefits fund, past-due from the government of Manual Zelaya. The minimum wage, currently 5,500 lempiras ($290) […]

March Today for Sexual Diversity

Homosexuals in San Pedro Sula, Honduras have organized a March for sexual diversity today, beginning at 3 pm in front of the antique building, “La Moda de París”. The March is called “Out of the Closet 10 years, Fighting Against LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Trans-gender, Bi-sexual) phobia.” This group’s aim is to be recognized, and participate […]

President Lobo Decrees National Emergency

President Lobo has decreed a national emergency today, as torrential rains from tropical storm Agatha brought deadly flooding and mudslides to several regions of Honduras. Heavy rains poured across the departments of Copan, Santa Barbara, Comayagua, Cortes, and parts of Yoro. The Valley of Sula (San Pedro, El Progresso, La Lima, etc.), El Paraiso, Francisco […]