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San Pedro Mayor Files Human Rights Complaint

San Pedro Mayor Files Human Rights Complaint

The sampedrano Mayor, Dr. Juan Carlos Zúniga, through his legal representative, lawyer Rubén Mendoza Díaz, filed a complaint with the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras. The complaint was lodged indicating that the Mayor, Juan Carlos Zúniga Monge, and his family have suffered defamation of character; a violation of their honor and […]

Authoritites Regain San Pedro Prison

Elvis Guzman, spokesman for the attorney general’s office in San Pedro Sula, announced yesterday that inmates at the San Pedro Prison have allowed the police to re-enter the cell block where the deadly brawl and fire transpired this past Thursday. ‘The situation is calm,’ said Guzman. Authorities are examining the block, and gathering evidence to […]

Nine Die in San Pedro Prison Fight

Several inmates were killed on Friday according to officials at San Pedro Sula’s Central Penitentiary. The announcement was made on Sunday. Nine inmates were killed, and three others were injured as the result of a dispute between two groups of inmates at the prison, according to authorities. One group of men were attempting an escape. […]

Executions Outside San Pedro Sula Airport

A congested time of day at the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport became even more chaotic yesterday evening when stray bullets from a nearby execution entered the passenger terminal. The airport was full of passengers and relatives there to receive or to leave their loved ones. According to witness accounts, people ducked down and attempted […]