Medical Specialists Strike Due to Lack of Pay

Medical Specialists Strike Due to Lack of Pay

Medical specialists working in hospitals in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa stopped work this morning, demanding the payment of wage arrears. The Leonardo Martinez hospital in San Pedro Sula, and the psychiatric hospital Mario Mendoza in Tegucigalpa, began their day with an employee strike. Wilmer Perez, trade unionist, is angered that they, “have held our […]

No Holiday for Striking Teachers

The Secretary of Education, Alejandro Ventura, called for teachers and students to return school throughout the country. The Education Minister said that public schools and colleges must resume their educational activities in order to fulfill the commitment that teachers made to the government and parents weeks ago. “Tomorrow is a normal work week because it […]

Teachers Continue Protests in Honduras

Teachers continued their protest early this morning by blocking passage on the Armed Forces and Central boulevards of Tegucigalpa. Police have since evicted those protesters. Teachers are additionally upset because deductions for non-working days were applied to more than 2,600 educators working for the national public school system.