Supreme Court of Justice

Military Commanders Believe in Justice

The head of the Armed Forces (AA FF), Romeo Vasquez, responded yesterday to questions on the charges that were brought against the Honduran military commanders. Vasquez said that, “we submit to justice and believe in the Honduran justice system.” Questioned about the arguments presented to the court, said he would leave those comments in the […]

14 of 15 Judges Said NO

The Supreme Court has given their analysis to the Secretariat of the National Congress, on the return of former President Manuel Zelaya. A panel of four judges, headed by Judiciary Chairman Jorge Alberto Rivera, arrived around 11:00 at the legislative palace to deliver their report on the fifth point of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement. Judge […]

MP Says No to Zelaya Reinstatement

The National Congress asked several institutions on Nov. 4th, including the Public Ministry, to submit their opinion on point number five of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord, which attributes the decision of whether to “roll back ownership of the executive branch to the previous state before June 28th, until the end of the current government term […]

Supreme Court of Justice Building Bombed

Two explosives were detonated at dawn today in the Supreme Court (CSJ) and the “Torre Libertad” (Freedom Tower) buildings, the latter of which houses Channel 10 television.  Luckily there were no injuries, only property damage, police said. The police spokesman, Orlin Cerrato, told reporters that the bomb that exploded at the headquarters of the judiciary […]