Supreme Court of Justice

Supreme Court of Justice Meets

Under tight security, all 15 judges of the CSJ met to hear a request brought by the National Congress to issue a legal opinion on whether or not to return Manuel Zelaya to the presidency. The session was scheduled for 10:00 am, but started an hour late because the judges received a visit from Pastor […]

15 Judges to Decide on Issuing an Opinion

Judges of the Supreme Court are expected to meet today to decide on if they should issue a legal opinion on the status of Manuel Zelaya, as requested by Congress. Initially, the head of the Supreme Court said they could not issue such an opinion because of pending litigation by Zelaya; however, a meeting of […]

Government Pushes Congress for Decision

Respectfully but sternly, the government has asked the National Congress for compliance with the fifth point of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement, the matter of the restitution of former President Manuel Zelaya. Lawyer Vilma Morales demanded that the legislature “respectfully” and in “the interest of the Honduran people,” comply with the the fifth point of the […]