Airport Departure Tax Will Be Eliminated

Due to the complaints of the Honduran people, and pressure from the media, the additional 23 dollar fee to exit the country will be lifted in 15 days. President Porfirio Lobo Sosa announced yesterday that the government will discontinue the increase in cost beginning in January. The measure had been adopted by Congress at midnight […]

97.5 Percent of Tax Revenue Collected

So far in Honduras, 97.5 percent of the tax revenue for 2010 has been collected, representing almost 42 billion lempiras for the State. Authorities confirmed that the target to be reached for collecting taxes on both local and imported products is 42,268,000,000 lempiras, of which they are currently shy some 368,000,000 lempiras.

Honduras Tax Amnesty to be Extended

Delinquent taxpayers may have a new deadline of December 15th to catch up on paying taxes, unpaid fines or surcharges. Congress on Tuesday plans to approve a decree extending the deadline for payment of such taxes, and may stretch it to December 31st. This includes delinquent taxes to both the Executive Directorate of Revenue (DEI) […]