Suspended Teachers to Rejoin Classrooms

As of Monday, June 13th, 303 suspended Honduran teachers will return to the classrooms. This is the result of a roundtable discussion that took place between the teachers union and the government, aimed at settling the issues surrounding the national education system. Teachers said they will, however, keep adding pressure until the government restores all […]

Teachers Get Recognition from Honduran Government

The President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernandez, hailed the basic learning center, “German Herrera Molina”, as an example for dignity in teaching, for having completed more than 200 days of school last year by not interrupting classroom instruction during the recent teachers strikes. Professors, students and parents, along with members of congress, Lena Gutiérrez, Oswaldo […]

Strikers Caused Road Delays

Strikers Caused Road Delays

Thousands of Honduran workers marched Wednesday in major Honduras cities to demand an increase in the minimum wage and show solidarity with teachers who want the government to pay more than $200 million in contributions to a pension and benefits fund, past-due from the government of Manual Zelaya. The minimum wage, currently 5,500 lempiras ($290) […]