Taxi Drivers Wreak Havoc

Taxi and bus drivers in Tegucigalpa took to the streets this morning blocking access to the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Housing (Soptravi), demanding a ban on issuing new operating permits for buses and taxis in the capital of Honduras. The drivers threaten to continue causing problems indefinitely, saying the new director of transportation […]

High Security Set for Inauguration

Extreme security measures will be in place on the day that the presidential inauguration takes place. In and around the National Stadium, more than 5,000 uniformed members of the Armed Forces and National Police will stand guard. Additionally, there will be 200 undercover police and military inside. Each gate will have patrols, police vehicles and […]

Soptravi Officials Dismissed from Posts

The Director General of Transportation, Cesar Quezada, and the head of Economic Studies of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Housing (Soptravi), Jose Enrique Mejia, were dismissed from their posts on Thursday. Both officials were prevented from entering their offices yesterday by order of the Minister of Soptravi, Jose Rosario Bonano. This led to scuffles […]

Transportation Strike Creates Chaos

Citizens of Tegucigalpa were forced to walk to their workplaces yesterday. Hundreds of bus and transportation stations were found empty, with no options for people to get around. Hundreds of people, including mothers with children in their arms and packages, and elderly people, some carrying their goods to sell on their back, had to walk […]