More Killings in Aguan Valley of Honduras

More Killings in Aguan Valley of Honduras

Four members of the Unified Peasant Movement of the Lower Aguan were killed and eleven injured after being ambushed by unidentified criminals last night, group leaders reported. “We have not managed to recover the bodies, and are trying to understand what happened,” said Juan Chinchilla, Vice President of the movement. Chinchilla continued, “The men left […]

Trujillo Tourism Development Project Begins

Canadian “Porn King” Randy Jorgensen’s tourism “development” projects are stirring up conflict and destroying afro-descendant Garifuna communities in Trujillo on the north coast of Honduras Jorgensen, president of the Canadian pornographic video store chain Adults Only Video, through his real estate development company Life Vision Properties (based in Trujillo, Honduras), plans to convert a beautiful […]

Lower Aguán Conflict Possible Remedy

A proposal was made yesterday by Congressman German Leitzelar, who introduced a solution to alleviate some of the problems of the Lower Aguán area land disputes. The Congressman proposed that rural estates and farms seized from organized crime, mainly in Colon, should be handed over to the local farming communities. “Some goods, such as farms, […]