Honduras Medical Interns Return to Work

Honduras Medical Interns Return to Work

Honduras’s medical interns have been on strike for 45 days, demanding a doubled salary and improved working conditions, such as a rest area and private toilet. The UNAH Director, Julieta Castellanos, on Friday had informed students that those absent 50% of their scheduled time must repeat their internships. The spokesperson for the students, however, claimed […]

Costa Concordia Honduran Employees Returning Soon

The first of seventeen Hondurans shipwrecked almost one week ago off the coast of Giglio, Italy, has returned to Honduras. Rolando Argueta had been working aboard the cruise ship Costa Concordia, and was greeted last night with hugs and tears by his mother, Delia Melgar. Argueta expressed that the tragedy was, “like the film the […]

2012 Minimum Wage Agreement for Honduras

The Government will publish the new minimum wage standard in the official journal, La Gaceta in the coming days. The wage scale is effective from January 1, 2012. An agreement was signed by Santiago Ruiz, the President of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep); the representative of employers to the Tripartite Commission, Benjamín Bográn […]

Manufacturing Industry in Honduras Losing Business

Honduras’s textile industry lost 12 textile mills and 8,100 jobs last year as the industry began shifting its operations to nearby El Salvador, a spokesman for leading Honduran maquila association Camtex has confirmed to just-style. “We are very worried,” he said. “We are losing a lot of competitiveness, especially with El Salvador and Nicaragua, which […]

ENEE Union Will Participate in Bidding Process

According to President Porfirio Lobo, The Syndicate of Workers of the National Electricity Company (STENEE), will participate in the process to award service metering, billing and collection for electrical service. The union will be present throughout the bidding and award process to ensure the transparency of the contract, and because its members are the ones […]

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