Minimum Wage Increase Set

Last night, the Honduran government set the salary adjustment for 2010 to a seven percent increase. The former executive director of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep), Benjamin Bogran, said the new minimum wage increase by the Government was the “right decision.” According to the employer, with the new salary adjustment, the government is […]

Unions Planning Work Stoppage

Honduran unions have planned a series of actions over the next two weeks to protest four issues: the national minimum wage, a law suspending pay increases for teachers, restrictions on pay increases for other public employees, and the use of temporary workers. Representatives of the labor federations, teachers’ organizations and the National Popular Resistance Front […]

Part-time Employment Approved

Congress approved for 36 months, a law allowing companies to hire part-time staff, despite opposition from labor unions. The opinion has advanced substantially, with some modifications, said Congressman German Leitzelar, coordinator of the commission to “socialize” with the unions, sponsored by the National Congress president, Juan Hernández. The initiative was admitted to the full Legislature […]