FNRP Declines Dialogue with President Lobo

The National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) [Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular] decided yesterday not to accept the invitation for a dialogue proposed by President Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

A national assembly of the FNRP brought together representatives of 18 departments in the country. The FNRP does not recognize the Government of Lobo Sosa, and considers it a continuation of the interim government installed on June 28, 2009. Their position is that the dialogue can not be made without the return home of former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

“The strategy of dialogue is a political maneuver of the coup regime, guided by the U.S. State Department,” according to a statement issued by the assembly.

The general secretary of the Front, Edgardo Casaña, said the assembly decided that the invitation was intended to “clean the face of the coup regime for national and international public opinion, appearing as a neutral government, open and democratic, in order to be accepted by the OAS and access external resources.”

The Secretary General of the Executive Committee of FNRP, Edgardo Casaña reported that Lobo sent them a letter on September 30, 2010, addressed individually to several leaders, which invited them to meet Monday, October 4th to discuss “the political proposal on a Constituent Assembly.”

The leader of the Executive Committee of the FNRP, Carlos H. Reyes, concluded that the invitation to meet “is a trap”. “What Lobo’s aim is to divide us,” considered Reyes, because the invitations sent by President Porfirio Lobo were addressed separately to several of the leaders, and not to the Front as an integral organization.

The Front did not attend on the date stipulated in the Presidential letter, and announced that they would call a national assembly to consult their members; yesterday they held that assembly, and the organization decided not to accept.

According to the FNRP’s Deputy National Coordinator, Juan Barahona,
“We want the removal of the entire coup structure in the country and the Government. We will also continue the struggle for the National Constituent Assembly. For that, we will form a political committee to go to work.”

One Response to "FNRP Declines Dialogue with President Lobo"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  October 20, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    This people simply wont admit that what they want is to turn Honduras into a Socialist Police State.
    The Presidency of Profirio Lobo is not a “Coup” presidency, as neither was that of Micheletti.

    One was elected after the other one acted to protect the Constitution, that is a fact that these Leftist bastards simply wont accept because it does not acomodate their wishes.
    Somebody should remind them that the Organization for Human Rights is starting to accept their real role of protecting “ALL HUMANS”, not only the ones hiding behind their lies and false promises known to me as the Red Revolutionaries of the Socialist Nightmare.

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