Nicargua – Honduras Joint Declaration

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his Honduran counterpart Manuel Zelaya signed a joint declaration Friday in Honduras’ capital Tegucigalpa to strengthen bilateral relations.

In the declaration, Zelaya and Ortega expressed their willingness to improve cooperation on various issues such as environment, energy and their border delimitation on the Caribbean sea, according to reports from Tegucigalpa.

They said the two countries are currently enjoying sound political relations that have reached a historical high.

Ortega arrived in Honduras Friday for a brief visit.

The two presidents had their picture taken in the cockpit of anF-5 plane to symbolize their countries’ current peaceful relations.

Honduras’ F-5 combat airplanes were considered by many Nicaraguan governments as offensive weapons endangering Nicaragua’s sovereignty in the past when the two countries faced border disputes, which have been largely solved.

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