No Budget Increase Requested

The Honduran legislature reported on the implementation of their budget allocated in 2010; and for the first year ever recorded, their expenditures stayed within the 520 million lempiras set by the Ministry of Finance.
National Congress Public Hearing
Congress is also one of the few entities that did not request any increase in their allocation for next year, despite the plans for the modernization of equipment and investment in staff training.

Their report demonstrated that they have used 74% of the budget for 2010, and will use the remaining 26% to cover the expenses of the third quarter.

The National Congress is chaired by lawyer Juan Orlando Hernández, who organized the first public hearings, attended by members of the Court of Accounts, where each state entity would report on how their budget was used this year, and what the plans are for their budget in 2011.

Those attending this public hearing of Congress were able to learn of all the advances and modernizations that took place this year, such as the installation of an electronic voting screen, a media room, the TV broadcasting of all sessions of Congress, including webcasts, the restructuring and training of staff, and the elimination of State exemptions for Congresspeople, in order to support Honduras’ financial recovery.

The Transparency Portal of the National Congress, received a rating of 90% by the Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP), for clearly demonstrating the way they invest funds allocated by the Finance Ministry

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