OAS Names Committee Members

Former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, and Secretary of Labor in the United States, Hilda Solis, form part of the verification committee of the agreement to resolve the political crisis in Honduras, where they will travel next Tuesday to begin work, said the OAS today.

Manuel Zelaya, and the Acting Chairman, Roberto Micheletti, named Jorge Arturo Reina and Corrales as their representatives. Corrales himself today confirmed the appointment with HRN radio while Zelaya did the same with respect to Reina via Radio Globo.

Corrales, a businessman and former presidential candidate of the Christian Democrats, is a member of the commission of Micheletti’s who negotiated and signed the agreement on Friday with the delegation of Zelaya.

Reina is a former member of the governing Liberal Party, and has been the ambassador of the Zelaya government to the United Nations. Corrales and Reina are known as skilled negotiators.

One of the points of the agreement included the establishment by the Organization of American States (OAS) of a Commission of Verification for compliance with the agreement, which will consist of “two members of the international community and two members of the national community”.

Insulza said the two international members will arrive in Tegucigalpa on Tuesday November 3rd to meet with Jorge Arturo Reina and Corrales. Both will travel accompanied by Secretary of Political Affairs of the OAS, Victor Rico, and a delegation of senior officials of the organization.

Another point of the greement that must be met this week, is the formation of a government of national unity and reconciliation, whose deadline is set for Thursday, November 5th.

Corrales said the Credentials Committee will monitor compliance with agreements such as the integration of the government of reconciliation, renouncing to convene a Constituent Assembly, and to support and not boycott the elections on the 29th, among others.

Congress, which is in recess for the election campaign, has not yet announced when it will meet to discuss the return of Zelaya.

The agreement does not state who will chair the reconciliation government, nor set a deadline for the ruling of the National Congress on Zelaya.

2 Responses to "OAS Names Committee Members"

  1. smj  November 1, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    I am so proud of Honduras for standing up for democracy and for her people! Somehow, I don’t feel confident that, in the same situation, I would be as protected by my government as the Hondurans are by Micheletti’s. How can the United States have strayed so far from her principles?

  2. Al  November 1, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    If this all works out, take the Nobel Peace Prize from Obama and give it to Micheletti, its government and the Honduran people who stood strong against the whole world for freedom and Democracy. Honduras, God Bless You!!

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