OAS Postpones Position on Elections

The OAS was unable to reach a consensus on whether all countries will or will not support the outcome of the elections.

When asked about what stance will be taken in regards to elections November 29th, Insulza explained that “in the case of the OAS, some countries will recognize and others will not, it depends largely on what happens on election day”.

“There is a potential division, some may recognize, and others not, but nobody wants to declare now that they will not recognize the outcome in case there is a substantive change in the situation. There is a difference of nuance, but still there is no division,” he said.

2 Responses to "OAS Postpones Position on Elections"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 24, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Who cares what the “RESISTANCE” has to say, they are not being open & honest even about why they are resisting.

    It is very clear and obvious to any one who wants to see the truth that those guys are trying to imposse upon the people of Honduras a political system which is not suported by the majority, they want to make it possible for a treacherous Socialist dictatorship to be put in place, totally ignoring the true wishes and desires of the people of Honduras, a people that though they understand the need for Social Changes, do not believe that the only and best way to achieve this is thru Communism.

    As a matter of fact, the idea of a Socialist style of government has been rejected in Honduras for many decades now, if you need confirmation of this, just ask Fidel Castro, who has been trying to export his revoultion to Honduras for over 55 years, and has yet to succeed.

    The OAS is really just trying to follow the trend of the new fashion of impossing Socialist governments in place taking advantage of the opennings that a true Democracy gives them, and then turn on the people and take away the right to a choice when voting, and I try to make that point very clear, those Dictators anounce elections, but there is normally one person to vote for, so you are no being allowed to choose, but simply to be part of a staged act.

    They should recognize the efforts of the Honduran people to keep a true Democracy running its course, Zelaya tried to do something the people does not want, he did it illegaly, he was ousted because of this, and now we face the possible running of Honduran blood simply because him and his henchmen are not willing to accept the will of the majority of the people.

    If he is not carefull, he may find himself facing war crimes accusations, he is calling for internal strife, and Honduras has avoided that in the past, not by accident but by choice.

    The Leftist do not like it, but they are not the majority, so they know they can not win.

  2. gonow  November 23, 2009 at 9:04 am

    these people must be related to zelaya they think the same……….if the vote goes in my favor it is legal but……….. if it does not go in my favor it is not legal……….i used to argue the same way………when i was 10 years old !!….

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