Operation “Cazador” takes Hondurans by surprise

The inhabitants from San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa were surprised with the massive presence of police and military members that participated in the “Operation Cazador”.

The police and military made their presence on the streets, city exits, public transportation registrations, neighborhoods and businesses operating during night time.

The operation was announced this past Wednesday by the authorities from the Secretary of Defense and Security who informed that they will be very strict to capture organized crime band leaders, gangsters and anyone who is violating the law.

The first results where known yesterday after 46 hours of starting the operation. Police spokesmen informed the capture of 200 people for different reasons, 30 vehicles where seized as well as hundreds of weapons.

The policemen and military members started patrolling the most conflictive zones of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Since then it has been possible to observe the most

Since the operation started it has been possible to observe the areas of Tegucigalpa, such as the markets and the most conflictive neighborhoods such as Colonia Nueva Capital, Ciudad España, 3 de Mayo, Chiverito and Pedregal amongst others where police and military are present.

San Pedro Sula and it’s surroundings have also had a lot of police and military presence, since the critical points of this sector are larger. These actions are taking place due to the recent massacres originated in the north of the country.

In other aspects they indicated that they will be placing more agents in each of the police stations in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The police authorities have declared a state of temporary alert to the police so they can execute actions with the sole purpose of reducing the crimes around the country.

This operation could be executed only in places where most crime rates are reported at different times.

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