Peace March Winds through Tegucigalpa

More than one hundred young people in Tegucigalpa formed a huge human chain to demand that violence and injustice against Honduran society stop.

The peaceful march started along the Lempira Reina ball field, and moved to the lower plaza of the National Congress. The marchers were greeted by the National Congress Leader, Juan Orlando Hernández and other congresspeople.

Comments to the youngsters from Congressman Hernández included, “You give us hope in these very difficult times” … “What you do deserves applause” … and … “You are heroes”.

The leader of the youth movement against violence proclaimed, “We agree with the proposal of the National Congress to debug the police; it is a necessary step because we will no longer endure the violence.”

The demonstrators called for a culture of peace, respecting the right to life. They asked for part of the funds for security to be used for the prevention of violence, and asked for the fulfillment of human rights and guarantees, and for laws to be applied in a correct and equitable way to all levels of society.

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