Pepe Lobo’s Plans for the Future

A government of national unity and austerity is what the president-elect of the Republic, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, said he was committed to creating.

The new president, who will take office on January 27, 2010, announced the creation of a government of austerity in which public officials may not use state vehicles, given the economic conditions facing the country.
He has said that a priority in his government will be to not generate any kind of tax affecting low and middle-income families.

Sosa also confirmed the formation of a national unity government that the different political parties will take part in, and all stakeholders of the national society.

“I know the economic situation is not easy, we must set priorities: One, not creating any taxes that will affect lower and middle-income families. Two, it’s very, very important have an austere government with a lot of drive,” said Lobo.

“From now on, I say, ministers will not have an assigned vehicle, and must use their own vehicles. I want to make immediately clear, that sometimes in a little savings is a huge amount of resources.”

Lobo Sosa is committed to targeting subsidies that are granted to the country once he assumes the presidency
“Subsidies will be very well targeted. They will go directly where they have to go because sometimes it is not an issue of lack of resources, but lack of order on where the resources go.

“Here is a case for example, the subsidy of petrol in 2008 was 4,000 million Lempiras, of that, 80 percent, or 3,200 million went to 20 percent of the population which has more income”…”then it comes to a government that is very efficient and very transparent,” said the president-elect of Honduras.

“Pepe” confirmed that already two political parties have undertaken steps to integrate the unity government capable of restoring peace and tranquility to the Honduran people.

“We will push this government of national unity so we can all understand each other well, although we have ideological differences. That does not mean we can not walk together on all matters that come to mean that our people can improve their living conditions,” he said.

Lobo Sosa said that dialogue with all sectors is necessary, including Manuel Zelaya and President Roberto Micheletti, so as to unite families in Honduras.

The future president of Honduras said that his first steps as president will be to focus on improving the health, education and security of all Hondurans.

In addition, he pledged to push an aggressive agenda to promote investment in the country, with the objective of ensuring greater employment opportunities and income to families.

“We will start a government that will do great works. My work is to improve people’s living conditions in the topics of income and in access to education, health, and housing, and to control the issue of crime. We must go to the basics, what most concerns us.”

“Pepe” said there was a massive turnout of Hondurans in the elections that were held Sunday across the country. The new president-elect said after being declared winner of the elections, he has received calls from several presidents who have recognized the success of the election process.

“People are betting on the future, I’d say we’re a people who came in large numbers to vote.”

Lobo Sosa also asked for wisdom from Members of Congress that today will discuss the issue of the restitution of Manuel Zelaya in compliance with the provisions of the Tegucigalpa / San Jose Agreement.

5 Responses to "Pepe Lobo’s Plans for the Future"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 2, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I meant to write “you can not expect tourists to ignore the current criminal”

  2. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 2, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    You are right, that is exactly what hapenned to the economy in the State of California, a Governor that was a bit “Too Liberal” destroyed the economy of the state by over burdenning the private sector in order to foot the bill for many “Social Programs”.

    That is what really launched the economic crisis we face now, California had the strongest economy in the USA and when it stopped buying goods, every thing went out the window.

    I hope, as you state, that he understands the basic principle of taxing who has to be taxed the right way, and does not strangle the budding economy.

    I definetely hope he pays attention to the prospects of Tourism, but that requires controlling crime, you can expect tourists to ignore the current criminal enviroment in our beautiful Honduras, we have to take that out of the equation if we want to be able to exploit the posibilities that God gave us, but also do it responsibly and take care of the enviroment.

  3. miraclemant  December 2, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Axel Reyes Bogran…. I think “Pepe” meant no “new ” taxes, but we will see.

    words are cheap, and only time will tell how he truly governs Honduras.

    If he creates a climate that stimilates investment in Honduras by foriegn companies, then Honduras will thrive. BUT if he strangles those companies…. then they will look to other markets for new locations of factories and investments.

  4. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 2, 2009 at 11:50 am

    I hope the second paragraph is only politics, since no modern economy can subsist without taxing those demographic groups.

    If you will like to tax only the “Rich” then you bring the economy to its knees.

    I hope he reads some very wise words written by one of the most liked Presidents in history, one that really helped his country, the USA, move forward, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, who wrote the following:

    ‘You can not help the Poor by hurting the Rich”

    If his plan is one where the Private Sector will be given the proper support, and that at the same time good and fair working enviroments are secured for the no so fortunate that have to work for somebody else in order to earn a living,
    then Honduras will have a fighting chance to survive and progress.

    I congratulate him in his victory, and wish that he is allowed and helped to be the best president.

    Remember, Honduras main enemy is corruption.

    I hope that Patricio Lumumba is now just history and a bad memory.

  5. Al  December 2, 2009 at 11:49 am

    With all this attention that Honduras has received, and the assurance that Honduras government will support a free enterprise system, I predict that investors will flock to Honduras, and countries recognizing their mistakes will approve more aid to Honduras than before. We have to think positive.
    Pepe Lobo is already addressing the issue of corruption in his plan, so what could be better?

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